Painted Lady Emporium

Painted Lady Clothiers & Emporium has been a premiere Tribal Style Belly Dance and historical costumer for stage, re-enactment, SCA, Ren Faire, LARPing, Cosplay and theme weddings since 1990.  

Fraya, modiste éclectique, offers custom sizes, lengths, design options and over 100 colors and color combinations for your hand dyed 25 yard skirts, cholis, and pantaloons at non-custom prices.  

She specializes in creating color-themed and mix-and-match ensembles that will offer multiple wearing options, expanding your wardrobe even farther and bringing your vision to life.

Painted Lady also offers made-to-order Ghawazee Coats, Turkish Style Vests, Entari and our signature J'illa Gowns perfect for Tribal Style Belly Dance and more historical belly dance clothing.