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All prices are starting points for a basic garment. Additional trim, accessories, notions and fabric quality and quantity are subject to change final purchase price. Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

We accept payment via PayPal only.

Payment is expected at time of invoicing.  Orders $500 or over may have 50% deposit paid at the time of invoicing and the balance paid prior to shipping.

Full payment must be made prior to shipping. You may book your reservation and make installment payments after at least 50% deposit is paid upon invoicing. Deposit is non-refundable if full payment is not made. Items will be sold if in default. If sold within 90 days, all but 25% of the deposit will be refunded.
​Tribal Essentials

All prices are for undyed white or factory black cotton.  Prices may vary for other fabrics.  Go to "Hand Dyeing" section for color pricing. 

$80    --25 Yard Skirt
$65    --20 Yard Skirt
$50    --12 Yard Skirt
$80    --25 Yard 5 Tier Skirt NEW!

$30    --Tribal Choli
$45    --Ravi Choli (coming soon!)

$30    --Standard Pantaloons
$45    --Double Pantaloons
$45    --Kerfuffle 'Loons NEW!
$45    --Punjabi Pants NEW!

$30    --J'illa Gown
$45    --Entari Robe
$55    --Qaftan (coming soon!)​

Tribal & Middle Eastern

All prices are for a base fabric allowance.  Prices may vary for premium or specialty fabrics.

$125    --Ghawazee Coat
$175    --Turkoman Coat (coming               soon!)

$55    --Turkish Style Vest
$85    --Reversible & Deluxe Vest

Tribal ​Accessories

All prices are for undyed white or factory black cotton. Prices may vary for other fabrics.

$5      --Head Wrap (2 1/2 yards)
$10    --Hip Wrap (4 yards)

​$95    --Velveteen Bra
$50    --Velveteen Belt
$75    --Triangle Velveteen Hip               Scarf

Haute Bohème

$45    --Summer Isles Romper
$55    --Kerchief Sundress

Hand Dyeing our Products

$15    --ADD-A-COLOR
$10    --ADD-MORE-COLOR (each)


All prices here are Add-On to the base price.  They can be used to estimate, by size and complexity, what upgrade prices would be on similar garments.

$35    --Reversible & Deluxe Vest
$45    --Reversible & Deluxe Bodice
$110   --Reversible & Deluxe Coat
Millinery Department

$75    --Buckram Hat Base
$125  --White Velveteen Covered                  Hat
$150  --Hand Dyed Velveteen                        Covered Hat
$150  --Fabric Covered Hat

Decorated hats are available, created specifically for you by Lady Faie.  Please contact us for a quote.

Chez Faie Couturier

$95    --Corset
$125  --Coat
$150  --Gown or Robe
$75    --Skirt
$75    --Bustle and Over Skirt
$75    --Trousers
$55    --Vest or Bodice
$45    --Apron or Front Skirt Drape
$45    --Bustle

All prices are for basic garments.  Additional trim, accessories, notions, premium fabrics, plus sizes and extra tall are subject to change final purchase price.  

Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate.
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"The value of your treasure is measured in memories, not money" ~Lady Faie
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