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Services & Pricing
At Painted Lady Clothiers & Emporium, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

We have a variety of services including:
If you have any questions concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help you find the best solutions for you.
Tribal Essentials

See our Hand Dyeing prices to have us create our beautiful skirts and custom ensembles.

$65    -- 25 Yard Skirt, White or Factory Black
$50    -- 20 Yard Skirt, White or Factory Black
$35    -- 12 Yard Skirt, White or Factory Black
$65    -- 25yd Skirt 5 Tier, Wht/Blk   NEW!!

$30    -- Tribal Choli
$45    -- Ravi Choli (coming soon!!)

$30    -- Standard Pantaloons
$45    -- Double Pantaloons
$45    -- Kerfuffle 'Loons (coming soon!!)

$  5    -- Head Wrap (included in sets)
$10    -- Hip Wrap

Hand Dyeing our Products

$15    -- ADD-A-COLOR
$10    -- ADD-MORE-COLOR (each)
Tribal & Middle Eastern

$85    -- Ghawazee Coat
$95    -- Turkoman Coat (coming soon!!)
$175  -- Reversible & Deluxe Ghawazee Coat

$55    -- Turkish Style Vest
$85    -- Reversible & Deluxe Vest

$30    -- J'illa Gown
$45    -- Entari Robe
$55    -- Qaftan (coming soon!!)

$95    -- Velveteen Bra
$50    -- Velveteen Belt
$75    -- Triangle Velveteen Hip Scarf
Custom Couture Beginnings

$95    -- Corset
$85    -- Coat                         $175 -- Deluxe Coat
$75    -- Gown or Robe       $175 -- Deluxe Gown
$75    -- Skirt
$75    -- Bustle & Over Skirt
$75    -- Trousers
$55    -- Vest or Bodice        $85 -- Deluxe Vest
$45    -- Apron
$45    -- Bustle

All prices are starting points for a basic garment. Additional trim, accessories, notions and fabric quality and quantity are subject to change final purchase price.  Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

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All of our clothing and accessory products are made to order by the talented hand of Lady Faie. Our attention to detail and quality is foremost and takes time. Elaborate custom designs involve a lot of devotion to create the outcome you expect and deserve.  

On occasion we create something unique and new that we offer for sale and will be displayed in our Couture Gallery. These items are finished and ready to ship within 2-3 days. Some may be altered or re-dyed and may take additional time to complete, but reduces the lead time tremendously.  

We also strive to have several core articles finished and ready for color, however, the popularity burns through what we have often faster than we can sew them. When these are available, they will be posted on our Shop Here Gallery page.

​Please contact us if you need your items quickly or for a specific date or occasion.  We are in high demand and new orders are limited.
Please allow enough time for development and design, research, acquisition and production. This may take 90 days or more. More elaborate items may take much longer.

If you don't see what you want and would like us to create something especially for you, please make a reservation to book your purchase. There is a reservation fee that is applied to final purchase, except if you request a rush order.


Painted Lady is in high demand! To service our customers fairly we have created system to have you book your reservation on our calendar. 

Typically we are booked as much as 90 days in advance. Key times of the year, this may be as much as six months. We take on limited new orders each month allow us to focus our energies on creating the perfect result for your needs and wants. To ensure your wait is as short as possible as well as delivery when needed, please make a reservations on our calendar. There is a reservation fee that is non-refundable should you cancel.  

Your order will be slated in our calendar for the first available date when reservation fee is paid. The date is an estimate and may change due to the complexity and completion of the orders prior to yours. If you need your order for a specific date or occasion, please let us know upon making the reservation. We will lock your order on the calendar to be completed and delivered in time. Please allow at least six months for specified dates.  

Final invoicing will happen when all details have been finalized and materials ready to be acquired. Paid reservation fee is applied to your final purchase price, accept for rush orders. You will be notified when your order is on the table and an estimate of the date of completion. This estimate is subject to change.

RUSH ORDER? Let us know if you need it sooner than 30 days. Paid reservation fee is NOT applied to your purchase price.


Most of our items are made to order and specifically to your dimensions.  Please refer to the Sizing Chart below for best results.  We are not responsible for measurement errors submitted by you.  If you are unsure of your measurements, please contact us and provide the measurements you took as well as dress size of commercial clothing you typically wear.


Upon receiving your Reservation or Order, you will be notified via email when your order is booked on the calendar or expected to be completed or shipped.

Delivery date depends greatly on the size and complexity of the order. All estimates for completion and ship date are subject to change. Here are some guidelines to expect once your order is actually in production:

One or two basic items—3 to 4 weeks
Several or complex single items—8 to 12 weeks
Complex items or complete outfit—six months or more for elaborate historical/bridal projects or for large troupe orders.

If you require a faster delivery, please place a RUSH ORDER Reservation. You will be charged a $50 fee that is non-refundable and will not be applied to the final invoice. Rush orders will be reviewed for suitability for requested time frame. If it is not able to be met, your reservation will be canceled and refunded. If we accept the rush order, we will contact you for details and an invoice. Payment must be made in full immediately upon invoicing or the reservation will be canceled with no refund of the fee.


All custom orders and any finished to customer specifications are non-refundable, with few exceptions.

All items are photographed prior to shipping for your approval. If you do not approve, we will make adjustments or redo the item to your satisfaction within reason and per original request. Once production has begun, only minimal changes may be made and only if those changes are not on completed portions of the item.  Once approved, your item is non-returnable and non-refundable, with one exception…should it not fit properly.

If you are not satisfied with your item once you receive it after approval prior to shipment, you may ask we put the item up for sale on our website as is and may be returned to us. Refunds will not be made until the item has sold and is accepted by the new owner.  


We ship worldwide. Within the USA we ship Priority Mail via USPS. Outside the US we ship either First Class if under four pounds or Priority via USPS. We are not responsible for taxes, tariffs, or fees required by your country. We are not responsible for delays or lost packages in transit. You may request insurance and pay the fees for the value of the item/s.  


We accept payment via PayPal only.

Payment is expected at time of invoicing. Orders under $300 or any RUSH ORDER must be paid in full at time of invoicing. Orders $300 or over must have 50% deposit paid at the time of invoicing and the balance paid prior to shipping.

Full payment must be made prior to shipping. You may book your reservation and make installment payments once at least 50% deposit is paid upon invoicing. Deposit is non-refundable if full payment is not made. Items will be sold if in default. If sold within 90 days, all but 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

Millinery Department

$50    -- Buckram Hat Base
$75    -- Re-Enforced Buckram/Interface Base

$100 -- White Velveteen Covered Hat
$125  -- Hand Dyed Velveteen Covered Hat
$125  -- Fabric Covered Hat

Decorated hats are available, created specifically for you by our talented Lady Faie.  Please contact us for a quote:
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Haute Bohème

Coming Soon!!!  
New line of everyday comfy clothing
for beach, sand or 
covering up between venues.