Painted Lady Clothiers & Emporium

Jodha Maharani Skirts
Beautiful 25 Yard Skirts from India in Scarlet & Midnight.  

33" length and fits most sizes.

$75 each plus shipping.
All of our items are made to order, however, on occasion we create something new.

Each of these items are finished and ready to ship within 2-3 days.  Some may be altered or re-dyed and may take additional time to complete, but reduces the lead time tremendously.  

​If you don't see what you want and would like us to create something especially for you, please make a reservation to book your purchase.  There is a fee that is applied to final purchase, except if you request a rush order.

Please contact us if you need your items quickly.  We are in high demand and limited space is available for new orders.
Deluxe Ghawazee Coats
​~Ruby dyed Velveteen with brocade trim and fully laced side seams.  
    Fits Medium to XL sizes easily.

~Reversible Midnight dyed Velveteen and Brown Multi Wool Blend in XS size.

Coats only are a part of this sale.  Other items may be made to order separately.

Lolita Steampunk Dress
Painted Lady is in high demand!  

We have taken on an immense project for 2019!

We're very excited about what this year is going to bring to fruition!

We will still be creating beautiful skirts and having occasional items ready to dye or sell, but our main focus will be on completing this new venture and expanding our designs, product line and knowledge to best serve all of wonderful clients.
Lolita Steampunk Dress full of ruffles and bows.  Scalloped zipper.

Fits size 30-26-31.  $95 plus shipping.
25 Yard Skirt
Classic "Rhapsody Ruffles" Gothica 25 Yard Petticoat Skirt.  Rufflicious, fluffy cotton fabric billows beautifully.

39" length.  $90 plus shipping.