Painted Lady Emporium

Tribal Essentials - For Tribal Belly Dance Enthusiasts
Fraya, being a Tribal Style Belly Dance instructor and performer, understands what it takes to look and be your very best.
She makes it easy to create completely integrated, mix-n-matchable, durable and affordable tribal belly dance clothing to help you create the perfect wardrobe.
She also creates Ghawazee coats, Turkish style vests, Entari robes and her signature J'illa Gown to provide more texture, depth and versatility to your ensemble.
We offer the traditional "V" neck choli made popular by Tribal Belly Dance as well as many more design options perfect for comfort, beauty and range of motion.
We offer 24 and 16 yard hem skirts, pantaloons and tribal tops made of imported Bandhini fabric from Jaipur, India.
Besides specialty fabric pantaloons to suit any descriminating taste, we also offer 100% cotton gauze 'loons dyed to mix-n-match with any ensemble.
The essential and coveted 25 yard skirt made of 100% cotton gauze with a 25 yard hem.  Over 100 colors & combinations to create your skirt.
Hand dyed velveteen bra and belt bases ready for your decorations.  Bra and Straight Belt re-enforced to hold oodles of danglies and trinkets.
We love to bundle and help you save $$ while creating a closet full of costume options!  Let us help you mix-and-match to increase your wearing potential!
For a more covered look or suitable for re-enactment, the Ghawazee Coat is essential.  Many design options available.
​J'illa Gowns & Entari robes are an essential garment for belly dance, yoga, or unique everyday wear.  Wear instead of a Choli for more coverage.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.