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"The best laid plans often become the best unplanned adventures"—Lady Faie
Lady Faie has always been inspired by color and freedom of individual  creative expression.

This drives her to create fashions that nurture your inner alter ego through color and texture to enhance and define your unique and vibrant identity.

As a premiere Tribal Style Belly Dance and historical clothier, she has created fashions for stage, re-enactment, SCA, Ren Faire, LARPing, COSPLAY and theme weddings since 1990.

She specializes in creating colorful ensembles that will offer multiple wearing options to expand your wardrobe even farther as well as historically themed Belly Dance and Orientale clothing for nearly any venue.
Painted Lady offers what others don't:

~First and only fully custom Tribal Belly Dance fashions made exclusively for your size and shape

~Over 100 colors and combinations for most of our cotton, rayon and silk apparel

~Multiple design options to choose from for most of our collections

~Mix-and-Match ensembles for many days of use and variety

~Clothing--NOT costumes

~Quality, function and durability for years of use

~Near zero waste on most designs

~Affordable pricing for custom designs

~Revivacious Program

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