"Lady Faie", modiste éclectique, brings you the flavor and spice of the Victorian American Southwest, the frivolity of the Renaissance Festivals, the epic and dark times of the Middle Ages, the spine tingling shenanigans of a parallel universe and the countless possibilities of your own personal alter ego through her beautiful clothing designs made especially for you!

Being a COSPLAY and re-enactment enthusiast, she understands to intricacies of the "Inner You" that demands fashions that enhance and define your unique and vibrant identity.

Whether you're fighting crime across the cosmos, causing much mayhem on your adventures or looking for the perfect exclamation for who you REALLY are, look no further!
Steampunk & Victorian
Ren Faire & Middle Ages
Millinery Department
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All Painted Lady Couture Collections
 are made from scratch,
including the hats...from the frame up...
with full attention to quality and detail.

Let Lady Faie bring your vision
into reality.  Contact her today!
If you can imagine it,
Lady Faie can create it!