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"My students are going to be so beautiful in their new Painted Lady fashions! 

The skirts that Lady Faie created are absolutely stunning.   She cuts all of the fabric and sews each skirt herself so that everyone has the right length and hip size for them.  Then she hand dyes each one in GORGEOUS color combinations.  Plus all of her dyes are synthetic so I never have to worry about needing to ask if each color contains animal derived ingredients. 

She is also the absolute sweetest and most wonderful person to work with and her prices are incredible for the amount of work she puts into creating each piece. She books up quick though so if you want to order one (and I highly recommend it!) get yourself on the wait list now! Lady Faie, thank you so much for our gorgeous new costumes!"

~Sahina, 2018

Hair Wear

by Lady Faie on 05/15/19

We all have bad hair days and days that you just don't want to do a thing with your hair at all.  And who doesn't love a hot rockabilly style?!  Then there's us Tribal Belly Dancers!!!  

What do all these have in common?  Scarves worn on your head!

Having short hair that sometimes just does not like me in the morning, and always struggling with what to do for stage performances that will look exotic and flattering, I have continuously looked for different ways to cover my head and hair.

Through my years creating fashions for Painted Lady, I discovered that my favorite cotton is perfect for head wraps that stay in place!  I started dyeing them to match the Tribal Skirts I created and voila!  Lots of color, texture and opportunities to decorate my head!

I also researched for books and videos that would help me create different looks using scarves of all shapes and sizes. 

One of my favorite books is "Headwraps, A Global Journey" by Georgia Scott.  The cover photo alone is inspiring not only for the wrap but also the face paint!  Both ideal for Tribal Belly Dance.  It is full of history, culture, photos and examples.  Unfortunately, it doesn't show you how to create the look.

I found two lovely artists on YouTube that gives clear instructions on many great ethnic and fun styles:  

I also found a wonderful video dedicated to a woman getting ready to start chemo:

And here's a couple of cute, everyday instructionals for shorter hair:  

These are not the only resources, but it will get you started on your journey discovering your favorite wraps.

Painted Lady provides beautiful dyed-to-match 2.5 yard or 48" square cotton scarves with all Tribal Essentials Bundles.  These are a part of our "No Waste" program to minimize the impact we have on our environment.  Take a look at our Revivacious Program:

You can also purchase our wraps and scarves in any shape and size and have them dyed as you like.  Take a look in our Tribal Essentials Showroom here:  

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