Here's some tips on wearing and using your Painted Lady Protective Mask Cover:

1--Wash your mask as soon as you get it...just in case

2--If you have filters (N95 or PM2.5 or similar) roll them up into a narrow spindle and insert into side openings, wriggle them open and you're set

3--If you don't have filters, there are a lot of suggestions to use alternatives on the internet. Explore which works for you and roll into narrow spindle and refer back to two

4--If you have old filters with the aluminum nose bridge band, pull it off and use it to insert in the nose bridge slot on the interior of your mask...might need a little wrangling to get past the seam

5--If you don't have the metal band, other alternatives you might have on hand are pipe cleaners or plastic twist ties wound together.

6--The looped ties are for quick and easy tying, but if you need, cut the loops in half and tie the bottom two ties to the upper part of the back of your head and the top two ties at the nape of your neck.

7--Accessorize and have fun with your 2020 Fashion Trend!!!
Nurturing your inner self and helping to keep you safe.

Protective Mask Covers ~~
This year has been one of great metamorphosis for humanity all across the globe.

There is not a family that has gone untouched by the ravages of COVID-19.

Painted Lady and Lady Faie have answered the call to arms, so to speak, by offering high quality, washable protective mask covers to help you stay safe while being stylish as well.

We offer both styles of masks:

~Form Fitted with opening on each side to place filters (N95 or PM2.5 or similar) for added protection and a slot for a nose bridge band.

~Basic Pleated also with openings for the PM2.5 style of filter.  

Both are washable and made to last for years.
Standard Form Fitted Protective Mask Covers
Embellished Form Fitted Protective Mask Covers
Protective Mask Covers
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