Lady Faie--aka Faith Calhoun Evans
Lawman Buck
Elyse Hatfield
"I clung desperately to the window pane of the stage, watching intently on the show of lights and color. Never had I seen such a spectacle. The Midwest had its storms; dangerous ones, with winds that could sweep an entire town off the face of the earth, but here there was such a variety of colors, textures and aromas I can only call it beautiful. I felt as though the lightning was racing along my veins, dancing on my skin and rumbling deep within my bosom. I am exhilarated." – Lady Faie, modiste éclectique
"There wasn't much to follow.  The family was angry and distraught after their only child, a son, went missing.  They insisted that his wife had killed him and stolen all his monies and properties.  But nothing seemed right.  After initial inquiries with several lawyers and registrars up and down the river, I found no records of anything in his name.  Everything appeared to belong solely to his wife and had been long before their marriage.  Still, I was hired to find her, and find her I will." – Buck Autrey, Marshal of Jackson County Missouri
"Doltish, halfwit!  What does that man believe he is doing?  Mixing those chemicals together will certainly cause the worst destruction possible and likely bring down the entire mountain on top of the workers still inside The Hole!  I cannot stand by and allow innocent lives be threatened or wasted on arrogance and stupidity!  They refuse to listen to me on the sole account of me being a woman!  It's time I move on.  The west is promising.  New territory and perhaps...more opportunities for a woman." – Elyse Hatfield, Surveyor and Explosives Engineer for the Railroad
Sustainable Fashion

Lady Faie is more than just Painted Lady's designer and artisan, she is also a writer to some humble extent and her own Alter Ego and protagonist in a vintage style periodical series much like the Penny Dreadfuls and Dime Novels of yesteryear.

We are proud to announce the main characters of "The Adventures & Chronicles of Lady Faie"​

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