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Painted Lady has always been in high demand! And since nearly all of my fashions are made-to-order, I am only able to take on a limited number of orders.

And with restructuring since Covid-19 and taking on a management position in my mundane career, I am not able to devote as much time to sewing and dyeing as I would prefer.

I am now only taking reservations for custom orders. 

        This should ensure your wait is as short as 
        possible as well as delivery when needed, 
        please make a reservations on our calendar. 

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I specialize in your Tribal Belly Dance fashion needs! From your rufflicious skirts to your scarves, I'll help you create a look that POPS on stage and on screen!

Tribal Skirts
Tribal Choli
J'illa Gowns & Entari Robes
Tribal Pantaloons
Ghawazee & Turkoman Style Coats
Want More? Need a complete outfit for your venue?
We specialize in mix-and-match ensembles and troupe orders!!!
All prices are for a base fabric allowance. Prices may vary for premium or specialty fabrics. Additional trim, accessories, notions and fabric quality and quantity are subject to change final purchase price. Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

We accept payment via PayPal only.

Payment is expected at time of invoicing.  
Orders $500 or over may have 50% deposit paid at the time of invoicing.

Full payment must be made prior to shipping. 
You may book your reservation and make installment payments after 50% deposit is paid. 
Deposit is non-refundable if full payment is not made. Items will be sold if in default.
If sold within 90 days, all but 25% of the deposit will be refunded.
~~25 Yard Skirts~~

Solid Color--$95
Double Dyed--$110
Triple Dyed--$125
Quad--$135     ~     Kaleida--$145
~~20 Yard Skirts~~

Solid Color--$75
Double Dyed--$90
Triple Dyed--$105
Quad--$125     ~     Kaleida--$135
Broomstick, Peasant/Gypsy and 12 Yard Skirts also available
Gauze Solid Color--$45
Jersey Solid Color--$55

Add More Color--$10
J'illa Solid Color--$45
Jersey Solid Color--$75

Add More Color--$10 each
Standard Solid Color--$50
Double Solid Color--$80

Add More Color--$10 each
Our Coats and Vests will vary in price depending on the fabric, design and trimmings you wish included.  Please contact us for an estimate.  

A standard Ghawazee Coat starts at $160.