Painted Lady is in high demand!  And since nearly all of our fashions are made-to-order, we are only able to take on a limited number of orders each month.

To service our customers fairly, we have created a system to book your reservation on our calendar.

This should ensure your wait is as short as possible as well as delivery when needed, please make a reservations on our calendar. There is a reservation fee that is non-refundable should you cancel.

Final invoicing will happen when all details have been finalized and materials ready to be acquired. Paid reservation fee is applied to your final purchase price, accept for rush orders. You will be notified when your order is on the table and an estimate of the date of completion. This estimate is subject to change.

RUSH ORDER? Let us know if you need it sooner than 30 days. Paid reservation fee is NOT applied to your purchase price.
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Specialty fabric from India!!!
Reserve yours now!!!

Beautiful fabrics for skirts, pantaloons, choli, vests
and coats!  

We make periodic orders to replenish our inventories.  
Make a reservation to  ensure you get the colors you 
want!  First come first serve when it gets here and 
they will have limited availability.

Colors may vary.  Use photos as a guide only.

When fabric comes in and we verify actual color.  
We will contact you to complete the purchase or 
refund you if you do not wish to continue with the 

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