Painted Lady has truly become a living entity, focused on nurturing your own inner alter ego and creative, personal expression through wearable, sustainable art.

Throughout my designing, I have striven to create clothing that was both fun to wear, easy to care for and resilient for years of enjoyment.

Fashion today has become trendy and disposable.  It wasn't until mid 1800s that clothing started to make its way from custom-made to off-the-rack.  Why throw out a garment rather than patch it or replace the zipper?  I still have clothes in my closet from the 80s that I wear and are still in style.

Clothing has become cheap, thus contributing to the disposable garment trend.  Much of the outfits we purchase lasts about one wash then is tossed out and replaced by the next item on the clearance rack.  Most of this costs less than $10 to buy, and we don't think much about it except "what an awesome deal I just got".

But wait! I can rarely sew my own top for less than $10, let alone make up my time for the effort.  

So who pays for those discounted, poorly made garments?
Sweatshop workers, designers and the environment.  Many department stores will charge back their losses directly to the designer, and in some cases, the designer ends up paying the store to have their clothes on the racks.

And I can't even begin about the women and children in the sweatshops...more plentiful than you would believe.  They are real and all over the world, including China, India and the United States.  Women and children working long days, some over 15 hours and every day of the week.  Conditions are dirty, dangerous and miserable.

Painted Lady strives to educate and bring awareness to the horrors of the fashion industry.  Currently all of our skirts, pantaloons and wraps are nearly 100% zero waste.  By doing all the sewing and dyeing myself, I am able to monitor the waste and impact to the environment.  I research continuously and devote myself to doing all I can to support eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable fashions for my clients.

It'a all about keeping your favorite outfit for years, giving it new life if it no longer meets your needs or sharing the love with others.
Another practice we have offered in the past and now declaring from the rooftops is our "Revivacious Program":  Refurbishing, Upcycling, Redemption and Bequeathing of any Painted Lady garment.

~Refurbishing--a service we provide to all clients to mend and restore a Painted Lady garment.  Free during the first year for any normal wear and tear, obvious defects and color fading.  It does not cover abuse and accidents, but we're happy to keep all our creations useable and those more "lived-in" and "veterans of war" garments would fall under our "Upcycling" and "Redemptions".

~Upcycling--giving an old, tired garment new life in color or design for moderate fees.

~Redemption--let us pass it on to someone for you!  Trade in your old, tired garments for credit toward new ones, and we'll Refurbish or Upcycle it for resale or rental.  Yes, rental!

~Bequeathing--this one is up to you, our client, to hand your Painted Lady fashion on to friends and family.  

Please Note:  
Our garment label needs to be in place for us to offer these services.
“Your favorite outfit should last for decades and never go out of style" --Lady Faie

Revivacious Program ~~