We love to bundle and help you save $$ while creating a closet full of options.  Let us help you mix-and-match to increase your wearing potential!

"Lady Faie", modiste éclectique, being both a Tribal Belly Dance certified instructor and performer understands the unique needs to create depth, feeling, color and texture to your movement.

She's been creating Tribal Belly Dance clothing for over 20 years offering custom sizes, lengths, design options and over 100 colors and color combinations for your hand dyed true 25 yard skirts, choli, pantaloons and scarves at non-custom prices.

She specializes in creating color-themed and mix-and-match ensembles that will offer multiple wearing options, expanding your wardrobe even farther and bringing your vision to life.

​Her signature "Painted Ladies", hand dyed skirts with three or more colors, generate the most wondrous kaleidoscope while dancing and spinning.

The essential and coveted 25 yard skirt made of 100% cotton with a 25 rufflicious hem.  Over 100 colors & combinations to bring your vision to life!
We offer the traditional choli made popular by Tribal Belly Dance with many more design options perfect for comfort, beauty and range of motion.  
'Loons are one of our favorites and we've created many design and fabric options to suit any discriminating desire.
Whether it's for theatrical or historical purposes, the Ghawazee or Turkoman style coat or jacket is a perfect accessory.
Not everyone wants to show off their belly, so we've created the most comfortable option for your Tribal Style ensemble.